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Empowering Youth to Reach Potential

What do empowerment, connection, and loitering all have in common? TheShop!

For more than 10 years The Brainerd Baxter Youth Center, known locally as TheShop, has been a place for Brainerd Lakes Area youth to connect, be recognized, and grow toward independence. Everything we do is rooted in respect and inclusion and is modeled to and practiced by the youth we serve.

After school snacks and evening meals occur daily and offer a consistent source of nourishment for the hungry bellies that teens and young adults bring with them everywhere. Music, games of all varieties, art, laughter, loitering, and sometimes a nap on the couch are part of the experience of being at TheShop.

Educational programs, volunteer opportunities serving within our community, critical thinking development, and hands-on job skills are other facets of TheShop designed to help bridge opportunity and achievement gaps many of our young people experience.

We partner with a diverse group of community organizations, service clubs, and individuals to support youth as they transition towards independence. TheShop strives to remain a safe, accepting space where youthful energy is harnessed into creative fuel by providing opportunities to explore potential, build lasting relationships, and establish personal connections.


The Brainerd Baxter
Youth Center


A non-profit charitable organization committed to provideing community support to all teens and young adults as they transition into independence and adulthood.
We are a space where youthful energy is harnessed into creative energy with opportunities to explore potential, build lasting relationships, and establish personal connections.


Mentor youth to improve overall wellness and develop assets to support healthy life transitions.

Translation: We are safe and soft place for youth to land where they will always find a listening ear, supportive mentors, and a space to be themselves.

“Belonging comes the minute you walk in the door; no strings attached”


PEEP our goals
(See what we did here?!)

*Provide youth with meaningful educational, vocational, social, and spiritual opportunities.
*Embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion while encouraging healthy intergenerational relationships and cultivating mutual respect.
*Empower youth to be critical thinkers and thoughtful community members.
*Promote opportunities for positive development and participation in our local community.
*Support and value youth voices as assets in our community. They are our future and it is BRIGHT!

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THANK YOU We ARE - Advocates for Reproductive Education, Chloe Baker, Devon Charlier and everyone at the clinic for everything they do and have done for us at The Brainerd Baxter Youth Center! See you in September, Thank You! ... See MoreSee Less
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Join us today at 4pm for SX Talks, get $5 and free pizza for attending! ... See MoreSee Less
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Our Summer Bike Sale is now live!Come to The Shop Wednesday thru Friday from 3pm-6pm and talk to Dustin about some bikes!Share this post and flyer with anyone you may know who could use a bike this summer! ... See MoreSee Less
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