The Bicycle Recycling Project

A frequent sight at TheShop is a jumble of bikes as youth arrive for the afternoon. Even with snow up to the windows there is often a bike or two used for travel to TheShop.

Youth and bikes go hand in hand.

Why walk when you can ride?

In our recent past, the Bike Recycle Program offered class time for youth with an interest in gears and grease opportunity to develop workplace skills as gently used bikes were repaired and given back to the community. Today, post covid, our directive shifts to an interactive mode.

We are opening our bike friendly toolbox to help youth repair their own bikes with technical support from BRP youth staff and advisors.

Our Weekly Open Repair Hours support learning curves on how to keep personal bikes safe and on the road, proper tool use and care of equipment, and mentoring service to help peers.

Some bicycles cannot be made safe or require specific parts from our stock. For youth who are in need we continue to offer bikes in exchange for their time and talents working with staff on specific tasks. For this reason, TheShop accepts donations of bicycles in good working order to the Bicycle Recycle Program. Please contact Tiffany at 454 0009 if you have any questions.

The Bicycle Recycle Youth Project @ TheShop has been supported through the generosity of:

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