The Bicycle Recycling Project

Truth. Our Bike Program struggled through 2020.

Beginning March of 2020 Covid Rules eliminated our prime directive, which has always been on blending bikes and tools into workplace skill development targeting youth from within our alternative schools.

And who knew that our “Rained Out” Bike Sale Events in the Fall of 2019 would keep our shed full and become a blessing for families in June of 2020 hoping to add bicycling to their activity lists.

We cleared our inventory quickly in 2020 and began to gather new donations. With one youth working alone a few afternoons a week he chose bikes to recycle with a careful eye. Those that were beyond our BRP Covid Project scope were offered to neighborhood mechanics and some with severe issues were simply scrapped.

With the warm weather our 2021 BRP is shifting focus and possibly rewriting our prime directive. Using the side parking lot to recycle bikes invites youth to help out as they can while sitting on the picnic tables.

With our specialized tools and stands we are opening up our toolbox to those who need a bit of help repairing their own bike. These activities are mainly for and by youth and will be a “self serve” study for them and for us. This is a learning curve as we adjust and challenge ourselves forward to a new normal. Stay tuned for results.

As always, bicycles in good working order can be donated to TheShop for this program. Please contact Nathan at 454 0009 if you have any questions or want to help out in any way.

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