TheShop has diverse and atypical volunteer asks. It changes with the seasons and the days of the week, with the programs or with your skill and interests.

A prerequisite is a desire to sit at the table and be part of a group of teenagers and young adults who will challenge and inspire you to be your own unique self.

All generations are welcome to apply. Short Timers. Long Timers. Volunteer for a single task or ongoing support once a week. We love you already.

Gardening 101 is coming in May of 2024. A Peace Garden of flowers for bumblebees, sculptures for fun and a few veggies because we can.

Know about a neighborhood “Little Library”? We would like a neighborhood “Poetry Box” or two. Poetry or Haiku placed in the slot. Youth collect and create a ZINE to share.

Bikes and teens go together. Working with youth to recycle donated bikes in addition to teaching basic repairs to their own bikes. We have the tools.

Do you play Chess or Magic or? How about a mini tournament? TheShop can supply the food maybe a prize or two but we need you to organize the tournament.

We have a kajillion beads in all shapes and sizes. We have wires, connectors and jewelry making tools. With your help this may be the year every youth creates a piece of art to keep or to give away.

It’s tough to engage youth in music and art. The stigma of failure or not being good enough is huge. We have a piano and lots of guitars. We have paint and brushes. We have chalk and clay and markers. Become a mentor by the simple act of talking while engaging creatively. It works.

We use the word “atypical”. We mean it. TheShop is a wealth of resources waiting for your passion to ignite a passion within our youth. Give us a call and arrange a time to introduce yourself and take our nickel tour. We will have a volunteer application waiting for you!

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