Wish List

The Shop is looking for the following supplies/items to help support the youth.
Check out our Amazon Wish list for popular board games and other cool stuff.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself. Challenge stereotypes. Challenge what you think you know. Our number one wish is for community members to come in to TheShop and interact with youth. Play a game of foosball. Teach us a how to build something. Be a role model. Share with us your skills, passions or hobbies.

Food & Supplies

We know that food is essential to health and teenagers eat “all the time!” Your donations often provide their first and last meal of the day.

  • Fresh fruits, veggies and dips ( Ranch, etc. )
  • Nuts, granola, yogurt
  • Prepared meal for 20 people (think sloppy joes, mac & cheese)
  • Milk!
  • Cheese, microwaveable soups, mac and cheese / noodles in a cup
  • Chips and salsa
  • Candy bars, chocolate, ice cream ( Yummy unhealthy treats )
  • Hot and cold paper cups, plastic utensils.
Clothing & Logistics
  • Deodorant
  • Tampons
  • Laundry soap ( powder form )
  • Quarters for laundry services
  • Carpentry skills for some minor repairs
  • Carpentry skills for major repairs ( Side of the building )
  • A unicorn (because why not? This is a wish list isn’t it?)
  • 10 foot ladder
  • Upright (Bissell) Carpet Shampooer (Teens are so messy and this will be used  by the youth who happens to spill soda all over the carpet)