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Breton Monroe
Manager of all things at TheShop

Born and raised in Brainerd, Breton has a life long connection with the area and community in which he strives to help youth find their path.

He loves fishing, golfing, Star Wars AND Star Trek equally, and most of all spending time with his family.

The Brainerd Baxter Youth Center Board of Directors


Paul Kemp (Cotton)

Board Member

Cotton, a transplant from central AR, grew up in the Brainerd Lakes Area where he finished high school before embarking on a several years journeying across the country eventually returning home with his wife, best friend and partner Kat, to raise their four kids. With a passion for writing, drawing, sewing, and music, Cotton finds solace in the tranquility of fishing and the thrill of the outdoors and the arts. An avid punk rock enthusiast, he finds inspiration in its raw energy and rebellious spirit, channeling it into his creative pursuits and family adventures in the heart of Minnesota.


Cindy Moore

Board Member

Founder and past Director of The BBYC-Shop. Pastimes include star gazing, birdwatching, snow shoveling, and sun sitting. Her passion is community and the threads that hold us together. She believes in all our teens and young adults. They are our futures.


Hanky Hazelton

Board Member

Local Reporter, business owner new to the Brainerd Lakes Area.


Laura Rathe

Board Member

Laura moved to Brainerd in 2011 and retired recently. Glad to live near great bike trails and great places like The Shop! New board member as of the summer of 2023.


Nancy Soderstrom

Board Member

Calls Crosslake home and is a member of Grace United Methodist Church. Loves her Ron and her two pups Libby and Maggie. Nancy is a "retired" Artist, Horse Breeder and Mother and ready to lend a hand cooking meals for hungry youth at TheShop in her spare time.

Shawna Fimon

Shawna Fimon

Board Secretary

Shawna is a Brainerd native. She is a wife and mother to a plethora of children. She enjoys puzzles, cooking, the oxford comma, and is a sucker for a good spreadsheet.



Youth Board Member

My name is Caiden and I have been going to the shop for over five years. I love helping my friends, family and community. I love music and I play in a local band.


Kirby Cactus

Honorary Board Member

Likes to hang out and flower. Thrives in the center of the table and when touched has many sharp and focused points.



Youth Board Member

My names is Robby and I have been coming to the shop for over two years. I love music and play in a local band. I regularly skateboard and snowboard and am extremely social and outgoing who enjoys talking about anything.

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