Above The Influence

In our ever changing and evolving culture of youth in the Brainerd Area we found a need regarding teens using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We found a need to empower youth to make positive choices and to think for themselves. In 2013 80% of teens knew of ATI. It has become a popular and effective teen-targeted drug and alcohol prevention campaign. Instead of forcing negative anti-drug messages on teens, ATI reinforces the fact that teens value themselves and their aspirations above debilitating and self-destructive influence of drugs.


Above the Influence is a philosophy, an attitude, and a commitment to being the best that you can be. It’s about not letting drugs and alcohol compromise who you are. It’s about staying strong in the face of anything that makes you less than you, because ultimately, it’s your life and it’s worth it.

ATI meets on a monthly basis throughout the school year. We invite you to bring a friend and be engaged in the conversations and projects we have going. Each month is a different theme.

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