TarTop Garden

Where else but at TheShop are vegetables for a Salsa Party
or flowers for a birthday gift grown in the middle of a parking lot?

Our TarTop Garden Project offers youth, staff and volunteers opportunities for active participation and engagement with caring adults. Hot sun and dedicated watering give immediate positive gratification as seeds sprout and transplants take root. Everyone likes to feel good.

Youth who have never planted a seed are offered gloves (because they may not remember being toddlers digging in dirt) and handy garden trowels and guidance from an “expert”. Others might choose to share their creative side with decorative labels, painted rocks, or add a sculpture or two.

Our TarTop Theme for 2021 is a Peace Garden.

Diverse Flowers. Calming Herbs. Veggies for Snacks.

This year we are adding a Poetry Box for anyone of any age to share their poetry, art, haikus, or dedications of peace and mindfulness. TheShop will use these to create some pretty cool stuff to bring back to our community.

Bumblebees, blue sky, 100 feet of hose and some playful watering make for an enjoyable summer activity. Honk and wave as you drive by!

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